Seven years after organically starting a marketing/PR company I’ve come to accept that I’m now more publicist than journalist. I was so passionate about journalism for the dozen or so years I had the privilege of being a part of the ever-changing landscape –from bringing in a younger voice at an older newspaper at The Arizona Republic, to realizing monthly magazines were fun clips to have but the pace was too slow for me, to working my way up the ranks of celebrity weeklies in an era unlike any before – and sadly, that won’t be seen again.

Organically my interests shifted away from keeping up with the Kardashians and more towards helping build brands I believed in. That’s pretty much where I am now, with a slate of amazing clients that get me excited each day. Although, I do still have a journalist in me that sometimes needs to be nurtured. So, I don’t mind the days I get to do double duty, running a red carpet as a publicist – and also doing B-Roll interviews as the house crew.