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Celebrating Summer with Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest spread their nutritious and delicious coconut water through Hollywood (and the Hamptons) this summer. Celebrities were surprised with doorstep deliveries around LA… …And the naturally electrolyte-packed and subsequently super hydrating 8oz bottles were welcome relief at a pair of East Coast workout events hosted by Molly Sims and Whitney Port respectively. SOUTHAMPTON, NY [...]

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Getting in Deep with Adrian Grenier

I met Adrian Grenier about a dozen years ago at the Sundance Film Festival. A few years later I saw his documentary “Teenage Paparazzo” premiere at Sundance - featuring some funny faces from yours truly from when I took him to OK! Magazine for a day as part of the doc exploring celebrities relationship with [...]

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Musing about Burning Man for The Voluntourist

My friend Heather Newgen started a great website called The Voluntourist, focused on travel, philanthropy, doing philanthropic things while traveling, social good and all the good things. When she asked me if I'd write a 'review' at Burning Man I was at first apprehensive because you can't really 'review' Burning Man like it's a new [...]

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For the Love of Magazines

Every time another magazine folds (Self, Interview, Teen Vogue...) or a veteran editor relinquishes their perch (looking at you Graydon Carter, Cindi Leive, Joanna Coles...) a little piece of my magazine-loving heart dies. My love affair with magazines began early. As a pre-teen I'd read Teen, Teen Beat, Bop, YM, Sassy (I loved Sassy!) and [...]

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Q&A with JetSuite & JetSuiteX’s Alex Wilcox: The CEO Making the Skies Friendly Again

 If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I'm a big admirer of Richard Branson, and credit the serendipitous meeting and conversation with him on Virgin America's first flight NYC-LA with changing the course of my life. Since that day more than a dozen years ago I've had several more [...]

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Vulnerable: [vuhl-ner-uh-buh l] adj: capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt. I’ve always prided myself on being resilient, reasonably level-headed and open to exploring all (or most of) what life has to offer. I’ve also always considered myself a bit of a hopeless romantic. A product of parents who still held hands and [...]

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The Best Gift – For Yourself or Someone Else

Subscription Boxes are a thing. A really big thing. Like the new Wine of the Month or Cheese of the Month Club – but one you have to feel less guilty about buying for yourself. Although, I guess those are the original subscription boxes. We should all pick a subscription box to subscribe to – [...]

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Be a Poser, Win Free Flights :)

JetSuiteX makes flying easy (no lines or waiting at the airport), enjoyable (beautiful planes in pretty private hangars, complimentary healthy snacks, cocktails and more) and Fun (currently with in-flight yoga poses on cards in every seat back pocket, as demonstrated in video above - and a contest to win free flights and yoga packages!) Co-founder [...]

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