My friend Heather Newgen started a great website called The Voluntourist, focused on travel, philanthropy, doing philanthropic things while traveling, social good and all the good things. When she asked me if I’d write a ‘review’ at Burning Man I was at first apprehensive because you can’t really ‘review’ Burning Man like it’s a new hotel or hot travel destination. And, since each experience is so individual (most unlike those who haven’t been perceive) and mystery a part of the appeal, my tendency is to not write about it.

But, I am at the core a journalist who likes to share stories and a friend who likes to support projects and sites of friends and colleagues. So I did. Here’s the link should you  be curious to see Burning Man via the glimpse I give of my perspective here 😉

And, a selection of my favorite photos from Burning Man…

Used a drill for the first time building (and taking apart) this 747 for Big Imagination’s spectacular art project

with this beautiful flight crew

Finding your favorite things (like vintage typewriters) randomly in the desert

Seeing friends blossom into angelic butterflies

that keep coming back…

to play in the place where if you lose something, it finds you again (I gave up my wings, and found this hallway of hundreds moments later.\

Traveling between two ellipses. Love playing in grammar

and sunrises

One of my favorite things is introducing friends to Burning Man for the first time

Love dressing up (or down) and riding (a bedazzled) bike for hours through the desert.